Catalyst Carrier _ FNG Water-resistant Silica Gel

Catalyst Carrier _ FNG Water-resistant Silica Gel


Catalyst Carrier _ FNG Water-resistant Silica Gel

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FNG water-resistant silica gel is a kind of white or gray microporous particles, its major component is SiO2 • nH2O, and it is divided into spherical type and lumpy type. The silica gel can not dissolve in water and inorganic acid, but is soluble in hydrofluoric acid and concentrated caustic alkali solution, at the same time, it has high mechanical strength. The product is a non-homogeneous silica gel which is further processed by the raw materials of common silica gel. It possesses pore structure and adsorption properties as ordinary homogeneous silica, at the same time, it also possesses good water resistance, that is, no cracking in the water, which can expand the application field of silica gel.

Technical data:


The product is mainly used in air-drying of air separation process, acetylene adsorption of preparation and manufacturing of liquid air and liquid oxygen, compressing air and gas dryness of various industries. In the petrochemical industry, electric industry and the brewing industry, it is used to make liquid adsorbent and catalyst carrier, and it is also be used as the buffer desiccant, silica sand and other products for the ordinary silica gel protection bed.

Specifications: 2-5mm, 4-8mm.

Packaging: 20kg or 25kg composite bag, 500kg assembled bag.

Notes: The products can be trial manufactured and produced according to the specifications or indicators from customers requirements in this factory.